Name setSegmentator ( )
None available
Description Use this to set the segmentator type. ADAPTATIVE segmentator minimizes the number of segments avoiding perceptual artifacts like angles or cusps. Use this in order to have Polygons and Meshes with the fewest possible vertices. This can be useful when using or drawing a lot the same Polygon or Mesh deriving from this Shape. UNIFORMLENGTH segmentator is the slowest segmentator and it segments the curve on segments of equal length. This can be useful for very specific applications when for example drawing incrementaly a shape with a uniform speed. UNIFORMSTEP segmentator is the fastest segmentator and it segments the curve based on a constant value of the step of the curve parameter, or on the number of segments wanted. This can be useful when segmpointsentating very often a Shape or when we know the amount of segments necessary for our specific application.
Returns None
Usage Web & Application