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Name RMatrix
None available
Description RMatrix is a very simple interface for creating, holding 3x3 matrices with the most common 2D affine transformations such as translation, rotation, scaling and shearing. We only have access to the first to rows of the matrix the last row is considered a constant 0, 0, 1 in order to have better performance.
RMatrix(m00, m01, m02, m10, m11, m12);
m00   float, coefficient 00 of the matrix
m01   float, coefficient 01 of the matrix
m02   float, coefficient 02 of the matrix
m10   float, coefficient 10 of the matrix
m11   float, coefficient 11 of the matrix
m12   float, coefficient 12 of the matrix
src   RMatrix, source matrix from where to copy the matrix
apply ( )   Use this to multiply the matrix with another matrix. This is mostly use to chain transformations.

rotate ( )   Use this to apply a rotation to the matrix.

scale ( )   Use this to apply a scaling to the matrix.

shear ( )   Use this to apply a shearing to the matrix.

translate ( )   Use this to apply a translation to the matrix.

Usage Geometry