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Name RMesh
None available
Description RMesh is a reduced interface for creating, holding and drawing meshes. Meshes are a group of tiangle strips (RStrip).
RMesh   m, the object of which to make a copy
strips   Array of RStrip objects holding the contours of the polygon.

addStrip ( )   Use this method to create a new strip.

countStrips ( )   Use this method to count the number of strips in the mesh.

draw ( )   Use this method to draw the mesh.

getArea ( )   Use this method to get the area of an element.

getBounds ( )   Use this method to get the bounding box of the element.

getCenter ( )   Use this method to get the center point of the element.

getCenteringTransf ( )   Use this method to get the transformation matrix in order to fit and center the element on the canvas. Scaling and translation damping parameters are available, in order to create animations.

getCentroid ( )   Use this method to get the centroid of the element.

getPoints ( )   Use this to get the vertices of the mesh. It returns the points in the way of an array of RPoint.

getType ( )   Use this method to get the type of element this is.

isIn ( )   Use this method to know if the mesh is inside a graphics object. This might be useful if we want to delete objects that go offscreen.

transform ( )   Use this method to transform the mesh.

Usage Geometry
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