BandFilter Member List

This is the complete list of members for BandFilter, including all inherited members.

a(MatrixXR *a) const BandFilter
b(MatrixXR *b) const BandFilter
BandFilter(int order=4, Real lowFrequency=0.0, Real highFrequency=1.0, BandType bandType=LOWPASS, FilterType filterType=CHEBYSHEVII, Real ripplePass=0.05, Real attenuationStop=40.0)BandFilter
BANDPASS enum valueBandFilter
BANDSTOP enum valueBandFilter
bandType() const BandFilter
BandType enum nameBandFilter
BESSEL enum valueBandFilter
BUTTERWORTH enum valueBandFilter
CHEBYSHEVI enum valueBandFilter
CHEBYSHEVII enum valueBandFilter
filterType() const BandFilter
FilterType enum nameBandFilter
highFrequency() const BandFilter
HIGHPASS enum valueBandFilter
lowFrequency() const BandFilter
LOWPASS enum valueBandFilter
order() const BandFilter
passRipple() const BandFilter
process(const MatrixXR &samples, MatrixXR *filtered)BandFilter
setBandType(BandType type, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setFilterType(FilterType type, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setHighFrequency(Real frequency, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setLowFrequency(Real frequency, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setOrder(int order, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setPassRipple(Real rippleDB, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
setStopAttenuation(Real attenuationDB, bool callSetup=true)BandFilter
stopAttenuation() const BandFilter

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