File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AOK.h [code]
Autocorrelation.h [code]
BandFilter.h [code]
Bands.h [code]
Correlation.h [code]
CwiseAddons.h [code]
DCT.h [code]
Debug.h [code]
FFT.h [code]
FFTComplex.h [code]
Filter.h [code]
FilterUtils.h [code]
FunctorsAddons.h [code]
IFFT.h [code]
IFFTComplex.h [code]
INMF.h [code]
LPC.h [code]
LPCResidual.h [code]
MatrixBaseAddons.h [code]
Meddis.h [code]
MelBands.h [code]
MelScales.h [code]
MFCC.h [code]
NMF.h [code]
OnsetComplex.h [code]
PeakCOG.h [code]
PeakDetection.h [code]
PeakDetectionComplex.h [code]
PeakInterpolation.h [code]
PeakInterpolationComplex.h [code]
PeakSynthesize.h [code]
PeakTracking.h [code]
PitchACF.h [code]
PitchInverseProblem.h [code]
PitchSaliency.h [code]
Resample.h [code]
SpectralNoiseSuppression.h [code]
SpectralODF.h [code]
SpectralODFBase.h [code]
SpectralODFCOG.h [code]
SpectralODFComplex.h [code]
SpectralODFFlux.h [code]
SpectralODFHFC.h [code]
SpectralODFMKL.h [code]
SpectralODFPhase.h [code]
SpectralReassignment.h [code]
SpectralWhitening.h [code]
Typedefs.h [code]
Unwrap.h [code]
Utils.h [code]
Window.h [code]

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