DCT Member List

This is the complete list of members for DCT, including all inherited members.

DCT(int inputSize=1024, int dctSize=1024, bool scale=false, DCTType dctType=OCTAVE)DCT
dctSize() const DCT
DCTType enum nameDCT
dctType() const DCT
I enum valueDCT
II enum valueDCT
III enum valueDCT
inputSize() const DCT
IV enum valueDCT
OCTAVE enum valueDCT
process(const MatrixXR &frames, MatrixXR *dct)DCT
setDctSize(int size, bool callSetup=true)DCT
setDctType(DCTType type, bool callSetup=true)DCT
setInputSize(int size, bool callSetup=true)DCT

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