MFCC Member List

This is the complete list of members for MFCC, including all inherited members.

bandCount() const MFCC
coefficientCount() const MFCC
fftSize() const MFCC
highFrequency() const MFCC
lowFrequency() const MFCC
MFCC(Real lowFrequency=300.0, Real highFrequency=16000.0, int bandCount=40.0, Real samplerate=44100.0, int fftSize=1024, int coefficientCount=13, Real minSpectrum=1e-10, Real power=1.0)MFCC
power() const MFCC
process(const MatrixXR &spectrums, MatrixXR *mfccCoefficients)MFCC
samplerate() const MFCC
setBandCount(int count, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setCoefficientCount(int count, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setFftSize(int size, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setHighFrequency(Real frequency, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setLowFrequency(Real frequency, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setPower(Real factor, bool callSetup=true)MFCC
setSamplerate(Real frequency, bool callSetup=true)MFCC

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