Resample Member List

This is the complete list of members for Resample, including all inherited members.

inputSize() const Resample
LINEAR enum valueResample
outputSize() const Resample
process(const MatrixXR &frames, MatrixXR *resampled)Resample
Resample(int inputSize=1024, int outputSize=1024, Real resamplingRatio=1.0, ResamplingMethod resamplingMethod=SINC_BEST_QUALITY)Resample
ResamplingMethod enum nameResample
resamplingMethod() const Resample
resamplingRatio() const Resample
setInputSize(int size, bool callSetup=true)Resample
setOutputSize(int size, bool callSetup=true)Resample
setResamplingMethod(ResamplingMethod method, bool callSetup=true)Resample
setResamplingRatio(Real ratio, bool callSetup=true)Resample
SINC_BEST_QUALITY enum valueResample
SINC_FASTEST enum valueResample
SINC_MEDIUM_QUALITY enum valueResample
ZERO_ORDER_HOLD enum valueResample

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